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Partow Technologies LLC is a company developing novel photonics and electronic technologies for communication and sensing applications. The company designs, manufactures, and provides advanced photonic and electronic substrates and components. The company was founded in 2012 as a spin out from University of Central Florida. The core technology of the company is ultra-high vacuum surface activated bonding capability. Using this technique, we can bond a variety of materials at room temperature. After the bonding thin films of various materials are produced by thinning or crystal ion slicing method. The company currently provide bonding service and custom thin film and thick film fabrication services to various customers. In addition, the company is developing advanced photonic components based on thin film lithium niobate and lithium tantalate bonded substrates.

Partow facility is located in Vista California in a 1400 square feet lab and office space. The lab has a clean room that houses the designed and assembled wafer bonding tool. Also the lab includes furnaces and grinding machines and other needed tools for fabrication of thin films of lithium niobate and other materials. The lab is equipped with measurement tools of advanced photonic components. Partow has access to nano3 a cutting edge nanofabrication facility at University of California San Diego.