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Devices under development

  • Thin film lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulators
  • Acousto-optic filters for Long wavelength infrared applications
  • Micro-ring modulators
  • Second-harmonic generation integrated photonic devices
  • Acousto-optic Beam-steering devices
  • Acoustic Transducers
  • High index-contrast lithium niobate integrated photonics
  • MEMS resonators and RF filters
  • Pyroelectric detectors

Partow waveguide technology is based on thin films of lithium niobate that are bonded and transferred to a silicon or quartz substrate. A rib layer is directly etched on top of the electro-optic thin film layer to form the optical waveguide. The high index contrast waveguide has sub-micron mode size which requires grating couplers for coupling to the device. This high index contrast platform allows to make advanced photonic components such as micro-ring modulators. Partow is developing these devices.