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Payam Rabiei, U.S. patents (US8,900,899B2 – US9,111,730B2 – US9,229,158B2) on “Method of production of optical waveguides and coupling and devices made from the same”.

Payam Rabiei, US9,746,608B1, “Integrated optical assembly apparatus and integrated coupler fabrication method”.

Payam Rabiei, US9,746,743B1, “Electro-optic modulator devices and method of fabrication”.

Payam Rabiei, US10,663,661, “Apparatus for Bonding Polished Surfaces and Advanced Substrates Made from the Same”.

Payam Rabiei, US11,815,747, “Electro-optic electric field sensor and method of fabrication”, 2023.

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