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Partow’s technology is based on crystal ion slicing of lithium niobate wafers. The process uses ion implantation to weaken the crystal bondage in a lithium niobate wafer. The implanted crystal is then bonded to a handle substrate and a thin layer of lithium niobate is transferred to the handle substrates using crystal ion slicing technique. A final chemical-mechanical polishing step smoothens the surface of the bonded thin film wafer. Currently, the company produces customized photonic thin film platforms using its thin film bonding system and can extend its process to provide more customized bonded platforms based on customer’s needs and application.

Smart cut thin film lithium niobate on silicon product specification

Part Number LN-X-600-2000-100-100 LN-X-xxx-xxx-xx-100
Description X-cut lithium niobate single crystal on silicon dioxide on silicon
Top lithium niobate layer
Parameter Standard Custom Order
Orientation X-cut X-cut, Y-cut or Z-cut
Primary Flat (on LN film) +z TBD
Secondary Flat (on LN film) -Y TBD
Lithium Niobate Film Diameter 100 mm None
600 nm 300 – 1,000 nm
Thickness Uniformity < 2% < 1%
Surface Roughness < 1 nm < 1 nm
Defective Area >100micron < 5% < 5%
Defective Area <100micron < 1 per inch2 < 1 per inch2
Intermediate SiO2 layer
Parameter Standard Custom Order
Thickness Range 2,000 nm 0 nm – 6,000 nm
Thickness Uniformity < 3% < 3%
Silicon Substrate
Parameter Standard Custom Order
Substrate Thickness 0.5 mm 0.5 – 1 mm
Substrate Diameter 100 mm 100
Substrate Resistivity > 5000 ohm-cm 0 – 20,000 ohm-cm