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Femtosecond laser

Partow femto second laser system uses an all-fiber robust construction approach. The system uses a nonlinear polarization rotation method to achieve extremely short pulses. No moving part is used in the system. The pulses are transform limited. Depending on the application Partow provides two different systems. One with a low power and one with high power.

Femto-second laser, P/N: L-1550-THz-D-400-B

Femto laser datasheet

Parameter Low power High power
Laser Power 10 (mW)  30 (mW)
Operating Wavelength
1550 (nm)  1550 (nm)
Pulse duration 300 fsec 300 fsec
Response rate 100 MHz  100 MHz
peak power
Interrogator dimension 300x260x134(mm) 300x260x134(mm)
Interrogator weight 2 (kg)  2.5 (kg)
Interrogator output FC/APC  FC/APC
Input power 110-220 volt, 50-60 Hz   110-220 volt, 50-60 Hz