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EO E-field Sensor

Partow E-field sensor products uses electro-optic micro-ring resonators or Mach-Zehnder modulators made from lithium niobate thin films for sensing of electric fields. The sensors can achieve very high spatial resolution and can operated form near DC frequencies up to several THz. The sensor is made from all dielectric materials. Hence it does not perturb measurand electric field. Also, since fiber optic cables are used these sensors are immune to electromagnetic interference and can be used in highly noisy environment. The readout system is based on a tunable laser and a detector. The sensor consists of the sensor element which is in a cylindrical housing and one fiber which is connected to a laser source and one or two additional fibers that will connect to detectors. The interrogation system includes the laser source and detector(s) and control circuits. The sensor operates at an eye safe wavelength of 1550nm. The sensor produces a voltage proportional to measurand electric field. An oscilloscope, digitizer board, lock in amplifier or spectrum analyzer instrument need to be connected to system output to measure the electric field.


  • Based on thin film lithium niobate
  • Electro-optic micro-ring resonator
  • Electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulator

  • All dielectric materials
  • Immune from electromagnetic interference
  • High spatial resolution
  • DC frequency up to THz frequencies

Preliminary Specification

Parameter Value Additional Information
Dynamic range 120 dB Field range from 500 mV/m to 0.5 MV/m
Sensitivity 500 mV/(m. Hz 0.5) 5mV/(m.Hz0.5) is currently under development
Response Gain 60 μV/(V/m) Amplifiers can be provided depending on the acquisition system avialble
Selectivity (Orthogonal components rejection) >30 (dB)  
Optical insertion loss of the sensor -10 (dB)  
Laser power 20 (mW)  
Operating wavelength 1550 (nm)  
-3dB modulation bandwidth 100(MHz) Up to 100GHz bandwidth is available, For THz applications optical output is provided
Sensor spatial resolution <150 (um) For ring resonator sensor element.
Packaged sensor size 5(mm)x15(mm)  
Fiber pigtail 2(m)  
Fiber type PM  
Interrogator dimension 200x275x40(mm)  
Interrogator weight 1(kg)