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EO Sampling device

Partow THz E-field sensor uses Mach-Zehnder modulators made from lithium niobate thin films for detecting the THz wave. The sensor can replace bulky optical elements based on polarization modulation in time domain THz spectroscopy applications.  The sensors can achieve high spatial resolution and can operated form near DC frequencies up to several THz. The sensor can be made from all dielectric materials or it can be made with THz antenna. For low THz field values antenna can enhance the sensitivity by a factor of 10. Dielectric type sensors do not perturb measurand electric field and can be used for applications with higher THz field. Since fiber optic cables are used no alignment is needed and the sensor can be readily placed in THz beam path for sampling of THz signals. The sensor operates at an eye safe wavelength of 1550nm. The device can be used to replace bulky electro-optic sampling crystals in THz time domain spectroscopy applications. Partow is currently developing devices for THz generation and for THz detection at higher frequency range up to 10THz.


  • Based on thin film lithium niobate
  • Electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulator
  • DC frequency up to THz frequencies

  • All dielectric materials
  • Immune from electromagnetic interference
  • High spatial resolution

Mach-Zehnder THz sensor, P/N  MZ-THz-600-Q-B

Parameter Value Additional Information
Dynamic range 10V/m – 2MV/m Typical using standard lasers and detectors
Sensitivity 10V/(m. Hz 0.5) Measured at low frequency using standard DFB lasers
Selectivity (Orthogonal components rejection) >30 (dB)  
Optical insertion loss of the sensor -12 (dB)  
Operating wavelength 1550 (nm)  
-3dB Bandwidth of optical coupler 50(nm)
-3dB modulation bandwidth* 0.6(THz) Detection up to 10THz with 1.2THz bandwidth
Active interaction length 600 microns
Ep 23 MV/m Electric field value to change output from complete on to off state
Packaged sensor size 3(mm) x 3(mm)  
Fiber length 1(m)  
Fiber type, conector 3 PM, FC/PC Laser input and two fiber output for balanced detection 

*Measured using THz time domain spectroscopy setup