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EO Modulators

Preliminary specifications for thin film lithium niobate ultrawide band optical modulators

  • Thin film lithium niobate modulators allow perfect phase matching between RF signal and optical signal.
  • Ultra-wide band optical signal modulation is possible with thin film lithium niobate modulators.
  • The modulators use grating couplers for input and output coupling.
  • The modulator is provided with FC/PC connectors and polarization maintaining fibers.
Description Thin film lithium niobate ultrawide band optical modulators
Parameter Value  Unit
Operating wavelength 1550* nm
Optical coupler 3dB bandwidth 40 nm
Fiber to fiber Insertion loss -8 dB
Optical return loss >40 dB
Extinction ratio >20 dB
Vπ  5 Volt
3dB bandwidth 50** GHz
Transmission line length 10 mm
Input RF impedance 25  Ohm
* Custom coupler center wavelength modulators can be specified

** Higher bandwidth up to THz is possible with shorter device. (i.e. with higher Vπ).